An Essential SEO Step for Hotel Owners

If you are a CEO of a hotel, you need to know this: anyone travelling to a country will likely do a Google search with the keywords beginning with “Hotels in ….”. Google has collected so much historical data that they know this is a keyword search that everybody will type in. So now, when you type in say, “Hotels  in London”, you will see the following map with hotel prices appearing just after the advertisements and before the organic search results:

Google Search on Hotels in London

Hence, irregardless of what SEO objectives that you may be trying to achieve, be sure that you have your hotel price appearing on the Google map. Anyone clicking on the price will be taken to a page where they can select the number of people and the booking in and out date to book the hotel:



Hotel booking on Google


In fact, users can select the type of features important to them, e.g. free wifi, free breakfast and Google will display the hotels providing those facilities:Hotel displayed by Google base on facilities selection


Upon selecting a particular hotel, Google will display all the booking options, e.g. via expedia.com, booking.com, etc, the reviews on the hotel and even the featured images.Details of Hotels selected, displaying booking options


Interested to be on Google search, begin with sending your hotel prices to Google. You can watch the following video how it is done:

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