How To Find Out Who’s The Market Leader In The Industry

If you want to be the market leader in your industry, you got to find out which of your competitors are leading right now. To find out, that’s where Big Data tools are necessary. There are many sophisticated Big Data tools by top companies such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and HP. Many of these tools cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. However, in today’s digital world, there are some extremely accurate and sophisticated tools that come with a free version. For instance, Google Analytics by Google is free. However, with Google Analytics, we can only use it to study our own website. Have you ever wish you have a glimpse into your competitors’ Google Analytics dashboard and spy on their website performance? There is actually a Big Data tool that allow you to know your competitors and that is Similarweb. Similarweb is an accurate digital marketing intelligent platform that everyone, not just marketers should know its existence and how to use it.

In this blog, I will share how you can use Similarweb to find out who’s the market leader in an industry. With Similarweb, it is as if you have access to your competitors’ web analytics. Recently a friend who is trying to apply for jobs asked me which job portal in Singapore is the market leader? Well, I have heard of the National Jobs Bank, Jobstree, JobsDB, JobsCentral, Monster and many others. However, which of these is the market leader? Which has the highest number of site visitors? Do you know you can actually find out all these using Similarweb?

Market Leader by Category Ranking

If this is the first time you learn about SImilarweb, you can check out how to use Similarweb to know your competitors.¬†As shown below is the result when we do a search of the various job portals. At the time that this blog is written, using the metric of Category ranking, we see that JobsDB emerge as the market leader as it ranks number 65 whereas the other job portals were in the range of 700+ to 100+ position for the category of ‘Career and Education’, as shown below:



JobsDB has 5.66million visitors whereas all the other portals had less than 3 million visitors. However,  notice that under Country Rank, it is showing Thailand. This means that majority of its site visitors are from Thailand. Hence, if you are trying to find out which job portal is the most popular in Singapore, then JobsDB may not necessarily be the market leader.

Market Leader by Country Ranking

Base on Similarweb data analytics, using Country ranking to find out the market leader job portal in Singapore, the results showed that Jobstreet is the market leader. With 2.9million site visitors, 67% of its visitors are from Singapore. Whereas, all the other portals had less than a million site visitors per month from Singapore.



It is interesting to note that the number of site visitors per month for these portals remain rather constant over the 6 months period.

As seen above, there are a lot of interesting insights we can gather from Similarweb. It is a Digital Intelligent tool which I feel that everyone should learn how to use. The best part of it is it’s free. Unlike other SEO tools, it does not limit you to how many website you can analyse per day.

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