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A car driver takes a total of two hours to make a journey of 75km. During the journey, she takesĀ  a break of half an hour and spends a quarter of an hour stationary in a traffic jam. At what average speed must she travel during the rest of the time for the whole journey to take two hours?

A) 38km/h

B) 50km/h

C) 60km/h

D) 75km/h

How to solve this question:

Basic formula :

Average Speed = Distance/ time

Total time that the driver is stationary = 0.5 hr (break time) + 0.25 hr (stuck in jam) = 0.75 hr

The time that the driver has to reach her destination = 2hr – 0.75hr = 1.25hr

Since the distance is 75km, and putting these numbers into the above formula:

Answer :

Average Speed = 75km/1.25hr = 60 km/hr

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