Top 3 Drawing Apps for Preschools

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Children drawing - Esther Espero

Increasing Competition in Preschool Industry

In Singapore, the number of preschool centres (infant care, childcare and kindergarten) have been increasing over the past ten years, with the number of places more than the number of enrolment. In fact, this surplus gap (more places than enrolment) has been increasing. This means that there is increasing competition among the Early Childhood Education centres. Business owners and teachers are constantly looking for ways to enrich their teachings, to make learning fun for the kids.

Tap on the free App Store to enrich your teaching program

in 2015, when I was marketing an e-learning application to enrichment centres, one of the centre provides tablets to all their students and make use of the rich resouce in the App Stores to teach children. Although the App Store is full of games, it is also full of educational applications. Many of these software applications come with a free version. Most of the free version are simple and good enough for preschool children.

Top 3 Drawing Apps for Kids

Drawing is an important activity that is in all children education. Unlike in the past when we need to use crayons, water colors, and oil to do the drawings, which can get pretty messy, digital tools can help a child to learn to draw and paint without getting their hands dirty. A very good drawing App available for iPhone and iPad is the Brushes Redux App, which, in my opinion, is extremely suitable for children.

1. Brushes Redux (for iPad and iPhone users only)

Brushes is a free drawing App for iPad and iPhone users. It was originally created by Steve Sprang for Apple (IOS) devices and launched in the Apple store as Brushes. However, in 2014, the Brushes App was taken out of the App store and  released into Github to become an opensource community project, for developers to build upon it. Christoffel Hoel enhanced it to work on new IOS 8 operating system and renamed it as Brushes Redux:

Why Brushes Redux App

One of the best feature that this App offers is its recording of the drawing process. Here’ an example of it:

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